The Ninth Gate 1999
The Ninth Gate


Running Time
2hrs 7mins

Johnny Depp, Lena Olin, James Russo

Johnny Depp stars in this dark thriller from renowned director Roman Polanski. An unscrupulous rare book collector (Depp) is sent by a wealthy customer on the trail of an occult manual reportedly written by Satan himself. His search unearths a number of bloody clues and he is shadowed every step of the way by a mysteriously fleet-footed woman (Lena Olin).

The voice of one of the Ceniza twins (Pedro Ceniza) is dubbed by Roman Polanski himself; the book of the nine gates, they say was written in 1666; the little girl that stares at Corso at the Paris Airport is played by Roman Polanski's daughter Morgan; the cigarettes that Liana Telfer smokes are called Black Devils; the pen that Lucas Corso uses is a limited edition Montblanc Agatha Christie ballpoint.

Directed by
Roman Polanski

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