A Different Kind of Christmas 1996
A Different Kind of Christmas


Running Time
1hr 28mins

Bruce Kirby, Shelley Long, Barry Bostwick

This touching, family story depicts the reunion of an estranged father and daughter. Bruce Kirby stars as Santa aka Robert George who moves into a suburban California city to set up Santa's Dream World. As his paraphernalia is unloaded, which includes a sleigh and live reindeer, Santa befriends some of the local kids, including Tommy Yost, the son of city attorney Elizabeth Yost (Shelley Long).

Soon news of Santa's presence travels and he's receiving visitors from all over town, including local reporter Frank Mallory (Barry Bostwick), who writes an article about him. Complaints start pouring in as the residents of the sleepy town are worried it may become a tourist-infested nightmare. Elizabeth has to take immediate action and close Santa's Dream World.

Directed by
Tom McLoughlin

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