The Missionary 1982
The Missionary


Running Time
1hr 22mins

Michael Palin, Maggie Smith, Trevor Howard

Michael Palin wrote and stars as Reverend Charles Fortescue, a missionary returning to Edwardian London after ten years of teaching children in Africa. He is to set up a home for local prostitutes with funding assistance from the aristocratic Lady Ames (Maggie Smith) on one condition... he throws in a little romance with her.

Richard Loncraine directs a great cast in this charming period comedy; Trevor Howard, Denholm Elliott and Michael Hordern are outstanding as always. Phoebe Nicholls is charming as the frustratingly innocent fiance, Deborah, and it's great to see the talented character actor, Timothy Spalls here in one of his earlier roles.

Trivia: In order to create the effect of a 1906 street, the production built a facade of terrace houses in a bombed section of London near Columbia Road Flower Market. One day, director Richard Loncraine saw an old woman, who looked sad and upset, glancing at the houses. When asked, she responded, "My house came back."

Also, this was Ronald Culver's (Lord Fernleigh) last film and George Harrison was one of the producers.

Directed by
Richard Loncraine

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