Mad Dog and Glory 1993
Mad Dog and Glory

Comedy Drama

Running Time
1hr 32mins

Robert De Niro, Bill Murray, Uma Thurman

David Caruso

Oscar winner Robert De Niro is Wayne Dobie, a shy police photographer who saves the life of crime boss Frank Milo (Golden Globe winner Bill Murray).

However, the situation gets complicated when Milo insists on thanking his saviour - with the week-long company of the beautiful Glory (Oscar nominee Uma Thurman)! But the racketeer's generosity does not extend to the couple developing genuine romantic feelings for each other, and the gentle policeman may just have to live up to his threatening nickname. De Niro steals the show in this hilarious comedy - especially when he sings "I Ain't Got Nobody" whilst at a murder scene.

Support cast includes David Caruso and Kathy Baker and the soundtrack includes Cyprus Hill, Gladys Knight and the Pips and The Black Crowes.

The repeating musical motif on sax can also be heard in John Ford's "Seven Women", also arranged by Elmer Bernstein; Robert De Niro was initially offered the role of gangster Frank Milo, but he insisted on playing the timid Wayne instead.

SPOILER: According to producer Steven A. Jones, the original filmed ending has Milo beating Mad Dog in their fight. But test audiences could not accept seeing Robert De Niro getting beaten up by Bill Murray.

Directed by
John McNaughton

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