Dog Pound 2010
Dog Pound


Running Time
1hr 27mins

Adam Butcher, Shane Kippel, Lawrence Bayne

This tough, visceral and unflinching prison drama takes a cold hard look at the brutal world of juvenile detention.

Enola Vale Correctional Centre in Montana is a dumping ground for boys the system doesn't know what to do with. Young, caged and angry, they live every day in a brutal environment based on a rigid power structure. The long-term inmates rule, and the newer you are, the more you will suffer.

Butch (Adam Butcher), Davis (Shane Kippel) and Angel (Mateo Morales) are new arrivals. They have never met before but they soon realise the odds are stacked against them. Their only hope for getting through their sentences is to watch each other's backs. But friendship will only get them so far when their endurance is stretched to the limit.

Directed by
Kim Chapiron

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