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When Season 6 came to a close, Dexter's sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) had just witnessed her foster brother, the man she had recently convinced being in love with, as his??Dark Passenger? alter ego, plunging a knife into the serial killer Miami homicide was trying to apprehend. He did so not in self defence, but in his usual, calculated manner designed to cover up any physical evidence. Season 7 will open at the exact, gripping moment Season 6 left off.

Looking ahead to the seventh season, Hall recently told The Hollywood Reporter that this year will deal with what is "the most fundamentally game-changing development since we started telling this story."

"Deb finding out does make an end game feel a little more palpable and imminent," he said, noting this year, Dexter's secret is no longer his own. "The plan is to do this season and a final eighth season to tell the story of the two of them negotiating their relationship in this new landscape."

Season 7
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