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Picking up approximately six months after the end of Season 2, the new season begins with Ray, and his unlikely pimp Tanya (Jane Adams), taking matters into their own hands in the face of a (still) recession-plagued economy by opening the 'Happiness Consultants Wellness Center for Women' ' a front for their gigolo business complete with orgasmic living seminars run by Tanya and private consultations with Ray.

Meanwhile, as their business begins to yield dividends, Lenore (Rebecca Creskoff ' Mad Men, Curb Your Enthusiasm) seeks revenge upon Ray and Tanya for stealing her 'lifestyle' idea, and transforms a 25-year-old busboy named Jason (new series regular, Stephen Amell ' The Vampire Diaries) into a new male hooker to rival Ray. Will Happiness Consultants' small roster of clients stay loyal to the older, more sensitive Ray, or will they be swayed by the young hot guy?

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