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Don Groves is the Showtime newsletter’s expert film critic and commentator. He spent more than 20 years with the entertainment industry Bible Variety in Australia and London, reporting on the local and international film industries. He’s survived numerous film festivals and markets, countless interviews with not-always-co-operative talent, and too many lunches with publicists. Earlier in his career, he covered showbiz for the Sydney Sun-Herald and the now defunct TV mag TV Times. He's passionate about movies and the creative process, and fascinated by the fast-changing ways in which entertainment content is being distributed and consumed.

Each month we’ll investigate a topic or issue in the world of entertainment or analyse changes in trends and tastes. Hopefully we’ll shed light on some things you didn’t know, had wondered or were curious about, or debunk some industry myths or misconceptions.

Got a question about the movies, past, present or future, or about the cinema business in general? Ask Don and if he doesn’t know the answer, he’ll do his best to find out. We’ll publish a selection of questions and responses each month.

Each month we’ll preview three movies from across the platform, which are network premieres. These are personal opinions to give you a guide on what to look out for—with a particular eye on gems that you might have missed at the cinema.